Art Personas Roundtable


In our Fall 2018 semester, Pratt’s Info School Art Documentation students hosted a roundtable with the artist Heather Cox, Charlotte Nicholson of the Richard Pousette-Dart Foundation, and Majida Mugharbel, the Permanent Collection Documentation Manager at the Whitney Museum of American Art

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2018 Fall Art Doc Final Projects

  • Alanood Al-Thani, Megan Paqua, Kristen Tivey


  • Hsiu-man Lin, Josh LaMore, Steven Meyer


  • Mia Bathke, Jacqueline Black, Eva Ives, Dana Kautto
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2017 Fall Art Doc Final Projects

– Alex DiFiglia, Drew Facklam, Cormac Fitzgerald, Richard Goldstein, Rachel Richardson, and Paige Williams

– Kat Fanning, Anna Holbert, Grace Pamperien, Daisy Tainton, Anthony Volpe

– Anne Boissonnault, Marc Castellini, Patrick Jerry Chinmi Liao, Sara Magin



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Meredith Monk – ‘I Believe in the Healing Power of Art’ | TateShots

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Artist, Foundation, Museum Roundtable

  1. Artist foundation: Kathleen Nugent Mangan, Executive Director, Lenore G. Tawney Foundation,
  2. Art museum: Majida Mugharbel, Permanent Collection Documentation Manager, Whitney Museum of American Art,
  3. Artist: Heather Cox,
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Keeping the Legacy Alive

Keeping the Legacy Alive Conference, 2016. The Institute for Artists’ Estates in Berlin

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The Artist’s Estate: A Handbook for Artists, Executors and Heirs

71h15v2KdFL.jpgThe Artist’s Estate: A Handbook for Artists, Executors and Heirs, published in September 2016, is the first of its kind and received critics attention worldwide. Available in the PMC Library.

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Sidney Nolan’s ‘time capsule’ art studio opens to the public


Photography: Alex Ramsay (c)The Sidney Nolan Trust

The perfectly-preserved UK studio of artist Sidney Nolan has opened to the public for the first time ever this summer to mark his 100th birthday. Melbourne-born Nolan is best known for portraits of 19th-century outlaw Ned Kelly and other legends from Australian history. He moved to Britain in 1951, and after his death in 1992, his widow closed the doors to his Herefordshire studio, leaving everything inside just as he left it. [read more]

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Timeline of Modern Art

via Hyperallergic

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2016 Fall Art Doc Final Projects

This proposal offers the (fictional) New York Museum of Art (NYMA) a systematic approach for organizing and processing files and related documentation in its Net Art Collection. The proposed strategy will ensure that materials are prepared for long-term preservation and that items in the collection are described consistently. The goal of the proposed project is to facilitate ongoing management of the Net Art Collection files as well as access to the materials.
-Sanam Aarabi a Jenny Korns

-Mollie Echeverria and Victoria Velasco

This proposal is in response to (fictional artist) Suzanne Yee’s request and is intended for her to gain a better understanding of her inventory and working processes. We plan to assist in the process of maintaining records both in her possession and not her possession. By utilizing the information provided by the artist, this proposal lays out a scope of work and methodology. Our goal is to introduce and demonstrate professional standards for documenting and organizing artwork and accompanying material, demonstrate an organizational method that the artist and her employees can follow for future materials, and provide suggestions for physical handling and storage of artwork and process material.
-Mariaelena Garcia and Eve Perry

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Richard Hamilton, Marcel Duchamp, 1967

Pratt Institute School of Information