This course explores current methodologies in the documentation, description, and management of artist records and their works of art in order to gain an understanding of current trends and experience applying best practices. Students will acquire the skills needed to generate and collect proper documentation for the artist work. The critical perspectives gained will enable students to assess and make informed decisions on the most appropriate approach to adopt in a range of fine art settings (museums, artist studios and foundations/estates). This class will bridge theory into practice by providing students with experience using an open source XML-based management platform to create records for integrated multimedia archives. Prerequisites: LIS 653 and LIS 654 or by instructors’ permission.


Cristina Pattuelli is an associate professor at Pratt SILS where she teaches courses on knowledge organization, cultural heritage and human information behavior.  Her current work explores the intersection between digital cultural heritage and information access, description and design. She leads the Linked Jazz Project, an investigation into the application of Linked Open Data technology to primary sources in the performing arts.

Farris Wahbeh heads the Research Resources department at the Whitney Museum of American Art, encompassing the Library, Archives, Special Collections and the Documentation Office, which manages primary sources and information related to the Permanent Collection.  He has worked with collections that house archival materials ranging from the eighteenth century to art collections of the twenty-first and has an interest in the intersection between the boundaries of art and the archive.



This course examines principles and practices for enhancing access to cultural heritage materials and making digital content easier to find and use. The course provides an opportunity to explore, analyze, and evaluate the state of the art and emerging trends in description and access of digital heritage collections in Libraries, Archives, and Museums (LAMs). Students will become familiar with the most current methods for the representation of cultural heritage material for dissemination and discovery. They will also survey key international and national digital heritage projects and initiatives and review emerging applications. The goals of the course are to introduce students to the range of theoretical and practical issues related to heritage data organization as well as to the major challenges that the LAM community faces, including data exchange, integration, and interoperability.

INSTRUCTOR: Cristina Pattuelli


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