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Open Intelligence  knowledge-sharing site

Category Tree – Wikipedia’s approach to categorization

FOAF / NNDB Mapper

SIMILE – Semantic Interoperability of Metadata and Information in unLike Environments

Exhibit lets you easily create web pages with advanced text search and filtering functionalities, with interactive maps, timelines, and other visualizations.

Folktologies Tool: Tag Mapper by Fuzzzy

Lets users define tags so that others can understand what they’re talking about. Other users can vote on definitions and decide which best describes the given tag.

Open Calais
Calais is a rapidly growing toolkit of capabilities that allow you to readily incorporate state-of-the-art semantic functionality within your blog, content management system, website or application. The Open Calais WordPress plugins are free and are available to download from (with great instructions for installation):
Open Calais was also the topic of a recent New York semantic web meetup organized by Marco Neumann. Tom Tague of Thomson Reuters gave a presentation. Here is a link to some of the highlights:

VUE: mind mapping software that combines data visualization, semantic analysis, and a full-fledged Powerpoint-style presentation engine in one


“Faviki is a social bookmarking tool that lets you use Wikipedia concepts as tags.
Faviki allows you to keep your own tags and connect them to common, universal concepts from the world’s largest collection of knowledge!”


Richard Hamilton, Marcel Duchamp, 1967

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